Christmas in Dubrovnik

Are you planning to visit Dubrovnik for Christmas to escape the cold, snowy weather? Find out how we celebrate the festive season here in Croatia!

Christmas is a time for tradition and getting together in Dubrovnik. The Old Town is decked out in decorations, with the lights and carols giving it a truly romantic, festive feeling.

There is a Christmas fair in Dubrovnik throughout December. Discover lots of beautiful handmade crafts, culinary specialities and more – they make perfect gifts!

On Christmas Eve (24th December), we usually fast all day. We then eat a small, home-made doughnut called ‘prikle‘, which is only made at Christmas time. Most families decorate their tree on this day too.

Children go from house to house singing Christmas carols and collecting oranges and sweets. Local people gather in the Old Town and attend midnight mass. It’s a wonderful, sociable time with more drinking than eating!

On Christmas Day (25th December), families gather together for a traditional lunch of cod fish. We also spoil our children on this day!


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