Best times to visit Dubrovnik

When is the best time to visit Dubrovnik? Lots of our guests ask us this question, so we’ve written this helpful guide on what to expect every month of the year.

Dubrovnik combines culture, history, a beautiful coastline and an attractive climate, making it a wonderful city to visit all year round. Many people choose to visit in the high season (June to September), when ferries to the nearby islands are more frequent. But it’s also a great city to visit outside these months, when flight and accommodation prices are lower.

Dubrovnik is a popular destination because of its great weather – everyone who visits a Mediterranean country wants sunshine! But, like everywhere else in the world, the climate is changing. So what follows is a general overview, but don’t take what we say for granted…


In April, the weather is unstable and it’s hard to predict. However, because it’s spring, you can count on a few days of glorious sunshine.

This month is when the tourist season begins, so many places are opening up and preparing to welcome visitors. Those who come now have a chance to experience ‘real’ local life and Eastern traditions.

May and June

Viktor and I love May and June – nature is waking up from its winter slumber, the days are getting longer, the sun is gathering strength and the light is simply beautiful.

We usually have our first dip in the ocean in May. The weather isn’t too hot yet, so it’s a great time to combine a beach holiday with sightseeing.

The month of June has been getting warmer every year recently. At this time of year, the beaches are still quite empty and everyone’s waiting for summer, which is just around the corner, making this a special month.

July and August

July and August can be very hot, especially in the old town in Dubrovnik, where the stones retain the heat. The city is lively, busy and crowded, packed with tourists and locals on their summer holidays.

If you want somewhere quieter to enjoy on holiday at this time of year, search out a hidden cove or quiet spot to escape the masses.

There are also lots of cultural events in Dubrovnik to enjoy now, including the city’s famous summer festival (which usually begins in early July and runs until the end of August).


If you have a chance to get away in September, Dubrovnik is the perfect short-break destination. The weather is still pleasant and mild, with lots of sunshine for a spot of sunbathing or even swimming in the Adriatic’s warm, crystal-clear waters.

Many classical concerts are held at this time of year, with the most famous being the Julian Rachlin & Friends Festival in the old town in Dubrovnik.


October is full of surprises – one week could be cold and wet, only for the next to be sunny and perfect for a swim! In recent years, we’ve been lucky to have warm temperatures.

November to March

Dubrovnik enjoys mild weather throughout the autumn and winter months. If the mountain wind (the ‘bura’) blows, it is cold and very blustery.

But it’s the perfect time for travellers looking for culture or food lovers searching for fine cuisine. You can take your time and enjoy a peaceful side to Dubrovnik.

When sunny, the light is bright and beautiful – a worthwhile reason to escape from the grey skies of the north! But expect that many places will be closed, especially in January when many locals have their yearly holiday.

In December, you can enjoy the Christmas festivities with a very special atmosphere in the old town. February is marked by Saint Blaise on the 3rd, closely followed by carnival fun!

Perfect all year round!

In short, Dubrovnik has it all, whether you’re looking for sunshine, a beach holiday or a cultural, weekend or romantic break – every month of the year!

So now you know what time of year to come – but what is the best way to get to Dubrovnik? Find out in my next post – visit the Dubrovnik Chic Advisor blog regularly or sign up to our RSS feed.

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