Arts festival in Dubrovnik

Do you simply love the arts or are you an artist, musician or writer who’d like to get involved in an event somewhere new? Buzzing, creative Dubrovnik is the perfect place for you!

Thriving arts scene

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a non-profit community and festival that gathers artists and art lovers from around the world. It’s an international art fair that aims to showcase initiatives and create new opportunities in Croatia and Europe.

Festival dates and theme

The 2013 festival, which runs from 21-28 June, has an emphasis on photography. There are exhibitions, lectures and workshops, all based on this year’s theme, ‘The beauty of women’. There’s also a photo competition for shots taken during the event.

Entrance fee and programme

The entrance fee is 50 HRK (7 EUR) per person – a small price to pay to discover new, exciting artists and performers who’ve come together for the love of their art.

So, visit Le Petit Festival du Théâtre in Dubrovnik and let us know in the comments what you thought about the experience!

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Le Petit Festival du Théâtre, Dubrovnik, June 21-28 2013


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