The allure of Dubrovnik’s Old Town

We have all heard about Dubrovnik and its majestic city walls. But did you know that the city is actually split into three main areas: the Old Town, Gruž and Lapad?

The Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage. It’s like a museum, with lots of churches, monasteries, ancient palaces and a marble floor, which always seems as though it was swept just a few minutes ago.

Always something special to see

Even though we know the city well, there’s still something special about wandering the streets and discovering new art galleries, shops or restaurants. We can come back time and again and there’s always a lovely surprise just around the corner.

The Old Town itself is quite small and just five minutes’ walk from the Pile and Ploče main gates, which add extra charm to this car-free area. We love walking here with our daughter, especially in summer when street artists and musicians lend the city a special atmosphere.

Insider’s tip: Algoritam

When we’re in the Old Town, we always stop at bookshop Algoritam to buy a magazine or a book. They offer a large range, including foreign books and magazines, and a section for children.

So if you forget your Dubrovnik guide book, a holiday read or just want to keep informed, drop by. It’s on the main street, Stradun. The staff are very helpful and can order anything not in store.

Staying in the Old Town

If you are looking for a holiday property in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, keep in mind that the area has lots of steps. You must be prepared (and able) to walk up them, as there are no lifts.

Of course, it is excellent exercise and you can then reward yourself with a stop at La Dolce Vita, Nalješkovićeva 1a. They have the best ice cream and pancakes in town!

Other places to stay in Dubrovnik

You’ll have a unique experience if you stay in the Old Town, which is bustling and vibrant. But if you’re looking for something calmer, look just outside the city walls in Ploče or Pile. They’re only 2-15 minutes’ walk from the Old Town.

For more about these areas, don’t miss our next blog post! In the meantime, why not browse our vacation apartments to rent in Dubrovnik? Or get in touch for a chat with Isabelle or Viktor.

Allure of dubrovnik

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