Car parking in Dubrovnik

‘Where can I park my car in Dubrovnik?’ This is, without doubt, one of the most common questions from travellers who plan to drive during their stay. Traffic is quite dense and parking can be a challenge, especially in the peak summer season.

In fact, we recommend that you don’t hire a car – all main attractions are easily accessible on foot, by boat or using the local buses. Of course, if you do decide to rent a vehicle, then you’ll need to know about parking. Read on for our tips!

Parking in the Old Town

Dubrovnik Old Town is car free, but there are several car parks dotted around its outskirts and close to the city walls. Parking charges can be expensive, for example 10-30 Kuna (1-4 Euro) per hour, 24 hours a day.

If you’re staying in the Old Town, we suggest parking in one of these car parks so that you can easily take your luggage to where you’re staying and check in. You can then move your car to the public garage (see our insider’s tip, below), which is cheaper and open all hours.

Pay for parking by SMS

If you have a Croatian mobile phone for your trip, you can pay for parking by SMS. Here’s how it works:

  • Dubrovnik is split into three zones; look out for a sign saying which zone you’re parked in, with a four-digit number.
  • Send your car number plate to this number.
  • You’ll then receive a confirmation by SMS.
  • Payment is per hour and it is charged directly to your phone bill.

Other ways to pay

If you don’t have a Croatian mobile, don’t worry. You can buy parking tickets at Tisak kiosks, which also sell newspapers. Or if you have the exact change, you can also pay at parking meters. Just don’t forget to display the ticket in your car window!

Insider’s tip: where to park

We recommend the public garage located at Ilijina Glavica (Zagrebačka ulica bb), a short 5-10 minute walk from the Old Town. Either we or property owners can explain to you how to get there. For hourly, daily and weekly rates, please check the Dubrovnik Tourist Board website for up-to-date prices.

Private parking in Dubrovnik

Are you looking for a holiday let with a private parking place? Browse our vacation properties to rent in Dubrovnik (use the handy search tool to refine by area) or get in touch for a chat and more insider tips from Isabelle or Viktor.

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