Lokrum, a peaceful island retreat

Lokrum is a small, car-free, uninhabited island that stretches in front of Dubrovnik and is home to a monastery and botanical garden. There is an abandoned fort on the island’s peak, from where you can enjoy amazing views of the mainland. There are also two restaurants, a bar and a small shop for essentials.

The island is a nature reserve and therefore very green, making it the perfect sanctuary for relaxing and rejuvenating the body and spirit. Relish Mediterranean fragrances of pine and eucalyptus, which harmonise perfectly with the landscape’s blues and greens.

Beaches and the ‘dead sea’

Lokrum has several lovely spots for swimming in pristine water, as well as a nudist beach and beautiful walking paths. You can sunbathe on the rocky outcrops (from where you can leap into the sea) or relax under the shade of olive trees.

There’s also a salt lake known locally as the ‘dead sea’; it’s connected to the ocean and is great fun with small children. We love Lokrum – time stops for a while when you visit this special place. Its tranquillity makes stress melt away and little ones can play without a care in the world!

Getting to Lokrum

Access to the island is a 15-minute ride by taxi boat from Dubrovnik’s old harbour. Boats run April-October and every half hour in the summer. You can buy tickets at the stand in the harbour; they cost 50 Kuna (7 Euro), which includes the boat trip and entrance to the nature reserve.

Insider’s tip: how to enjoy Lokrum

Lokrum is perfect for escaping from the crowds in Dubrovnik, especially when all the cruise ships arrive in the Old Town in the mornings.

Be sure to take a picnic with you – find a quiet spot and simply enjoy the luxury of silence! You’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a while, with your only company being one of the island’s peacocks, the only inhabitants.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

If you fancy a visit to Lokrum, you’ll need to stay in Dubrovnik. Take a look at our holiday lets in Dubrovnik (use the handy search tool to refine by area) or get in touch for tips or a chat with Isabelle or Viktor.


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