Konavle, Croatia: for foodies and nature lovers

Konavle Summer 2015

Konavle is one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. This beautiful region nestles between the Adriatic and the mountains at the country’s southern tip, just 30km from Dubrovnik. Popular destinations are Gruda, Čilipi and Molunat on the coast.

It is a great base from which to take day trips to explore neighbouring Bosnia and Montenegro, as well as the coastal town of Cavtat, Dubrovnik itself (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the beautiful Elaphiti (Elafitski or Elafiti) Islands.

What does Konavle have to offer?

This scenic area is becoming popular for its rural tourism, with the number of rental villas with pools gradually increasing to meet demand. It’s perfect for getting away from the crowds and the city lights to enjoy a slower pace of life.

Often compared to Tuscany, Konavle is a must for nature lovers and foodies. It offers peaceful surroundings, breathtaking landscapes and excellent restaurants supplying locally produced wines. And at night, you can gaze at the brightest stars you’ve ever seen.

Holiday in Konavle? Make it your own!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape or some action, you can find everything in Konavle. Take in the fresh, clean air while relaxing in quiet spots, or big lungfuls of it while enjoying activities like horse riding, hiking and quad biking!

Here are some great places to book tours and get more information:

Want to know more?

Don’t miss our next blog post about restaurants and traditional cuisine in Konavle. If you’d like to know more about the region right now, or book a place to stay in Konavle, please get in touch with us. We’d love to help!

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